So much for our two dead protagonists.

NOTE: With the ending of the chapter we will be on hiatus until early 2013, though we will continue to post up visual development and extras in the mean time.

Story thus far:

Since her hanging, Vanessa Clarke lies trapped in an eerie world with no marker of time or diversion. She comes upon a strange creature named Lomne that feeds from the victims of those he calls ‘the children.’

Now he offers her a chance to return to her living world, but at what cost?

Meanwhile, in Britain, our boys Edric, Briggs, and Devon have snuck their way into a soiree of vampires. It seems the host, Raphael, has a special offer to show the crowd, one that involves a fellow imprisoned agent. While Edric prepares an explosive charge to create a distraction, Briggs has already leapt into a gun battle with Raphael’s masked guard. One can only hope this turns out in their favor.