It’s a rescue montage, a succession of some pics cuz it takes too long in real time! At least Edric is quick about his extermination though we were kind enough to give him the first two-page spread to do so. I was wondering when he was going to use that little flame thrower of his.

Story thus far:

Since her hanging, Vanessa Clarke lies trapped in an eerie world with no marker of time or diversion. Spotting a lone figure off in the distance, however, has led her to encounter a strange creature waiting for the ‘children’ to ‘feed.’

Meanwhile, in Britain, our boys Edric, Briggs, and Devon have snuck their way into a soiree of vampires. It seems the host, Raphael, has a special offer to show the crowd that involves one of their fellow imprisoned agents. One can only hope this turns out in their favor.