Vanessa Clarke:Hanged at the young age of 19 for crimes only partially committed, Vanessa is transported to a shadowy realm where she is offered another chance at life.  Now reanimated into the body of a deceased woman, Vanessa has been given her second chance… but at what cost?
Edric Mendoza:A mysterious man with the surprising ability to survive any injury, Edric takes his deadly job as a Purger with casual amusement. The epitome of indifference, he is a man who seems mostly unconcerned for his own well-being or the well-being of others, save for perhaps his long time colleague, Briggs.
Briggs:Even at a ripening age, Briggs is an Englishman who is capable of far more than he seems. Battle hardened, but compassionate to a fault, he takes his job as a Purger very seriously and will do his best to protect all from the dark clutches of the night.
Devon Reid:The loud but lovable Irishman is not only a skilled driver, but the master of an equally lovable and well trained hunting dog named Bia. While he may be intimidating at times, deep down he is a soft hearted man. With his trusty companion at his side they are most certainly a force to be reckoned with.
Bia:Descended from a long line of formidable hunting breeds, Bia is extremely intelligent and loyal. She is able to understand a wide range of simple commands and will stop at nothing to keep her master, Devon, and the other members of her team safe.
Lomne:One of the only beings Vanessa encountered in the after life, Lomne appears to have no such ties to humanity. He claims that tainted souls which arrive become a part of “the shadow” which he controls. His intentions are unclear, but he has given Vanessa another chance by sending her back into the realm of the living.