Victim or hunter?  Recently risen from the grave, Vanessa Clarke is forced into a world of monsters, intrigue, and war.  As she grapples with wary alliances and new friends, she must come to terms with her own dark fate.  For her, death is no longer an option.

WARNING: contains violence, gore, foul language, and suggestive themes.



Julie Olson

Writer | Penciler | Inks

Living in both Southern California and Japan, Julie works as a freelance illustrator and art instructor. The rest of her time is spent playing video games, floating around the vacuum of tumblr, and pressing her nose against the window of the pet store dreaming of the dog she doesn’t have.

Kat Haynes

Writer | Colorist | Lettering

A freelance artist in Southern California, Kat has been inspired by comics and cartoons since childhood.  She likes animals, interior decorating, and flailing around like a mad woman when excited.



Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We truly appreciate your interest and hope you will be sticking around to see where our story will lead. Julie Olson and Kat Haynes have both been working on this comic for over two years and are excited to finally be releasing it for all to see.  Julie is responsible for creating the wonderful pencils and inks while Katherine focuses on the colors and lettering.  We both work together tirelessly in fleshing out the journey we’ve set into motion and hope that you will join us for this exciting ride!  Not only do we see this as a great opportunity to learn and grow, but also a chance to spread the love for some characters we hold very dear.  Thank you, and enjoy!

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