(Side note: Kat that is actually quite scary how accurate that bag count was in this extra)

So to finally announce to the world, I have now officially moved from Japan to Washington State. This past week has been a twisting mess of emotions (both good and bad) as I leave a country I love to go to a state I’ve never been to. Here’s to a new adventure!

Now that I’m stateside again that does mean a couple things for everyone here 🙂 More cons! Kat and I will be attending San Diego Comic Con and Wondercon in California. I will also be trying to get to Emerald City Comic Con and scope out the scene here! We will get you guys more info as we know.

Thanks for always being here, by the way. This comic and you readers are a great constant that helps with all these transitions. What about you guys? How are moves for you? What are some of the first things you like to explore when you get to a new place?