As I’m sure many of you already know, a devastating tragedy occurred last night in Colorado. It is unprecedented that such a selfishly destructive act was carried out in a movie theater. Just last night Kat, myself, and our friends were enjoying rowdy beach balls, batmans and fans with bat signal flashlights prepping for a cinematic experience of a mutually beloved character while others had their lives ripped away at the hands of a lone gunman on an ego trip. It saddens us deeply that someone would not only think to carry out such a horrific act, but to plan it out ahead of time. What should have been fun ended in pain and death.

We urge all our readers and friends to pray and keep our thoughts towards those families that had to receive the news that their loved ones were taken from them on a morning they should have been returning with huge smiles on their faces, gabbing about an amazing movie experience.
Also, please support the movie if you were intending to see it. Do not let the actions of this madman affect your own. This man will be brought to proper justice for his decisions. Please, even in the darkness of this tragedy, we wish you a peaceful Friday.