So this is the core of Off Topic Julie for the week. I love games. I always have since Nintendo saw fit to shove a rectangular, five button controller in my hand. Since that time, however, I’ve only grown to love games more as an artist as well as a player.

With the direction games are driving towards, I can taste how art and animation are becoming the prime method to the storytelling gambit. Just in this upcoming year alone, I’ve jotted down a hefty list of games I want to play solely based on their attention to more ‘cinematic’ gameplay.

Now that said, I have to applaud Blizzard. Love them or hate them, they know how to make FUN games. Yes, FUN games. And on top of that, their quality of art has only been improving. I’ve loved the power behind their cinematics team for sometime, but watching the cinematics for Diablo gave me happy tears.

As with any animated work, my eyes focus more on the movement rather than the ‘realism’ of cg. The computer can put a lot of information into making a character look good, but it comes as a true test for the animator (and rigger)  to make it MOVE in a believable way. Too many times motion capture is the animator and not the artist, leaving us with ‘dead eyes’, emotionless expressions, and stiff-jointed movement. An animator knows how to make a character move, a GOOD animator knows how to push the character beyond mere movement to come alive.

It brings me joy to see cg animation done well. I hope I get to see more this coming game year.


Off Topic Julie is my way to bring my artistic passions out in written form. I will share my inspirations and… well, some topics that showed me how to improve. Please feel free to comment to discuss your thoughts.